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Frequently Asked Questions
The following are general questions that frequently arise as a result of a loss or occurrence. The questions and answers are general in nature and do not apply to all situations. If you have a loss, it is always best to call Narragansett Bay Insurance Company at 800-343-3375 (option 2, 1), or contact your agent for information and advice.
Q. Do I have coverage if a pipe burst?
A. Yes. Narragansett Bay’s standard home, condominium, or renters policies cover damage to your home and personal property for accidental discharge of water from a plumbing system. In many cases, coverage may not apply to damaged pipes and plumbing equipment if they burst due to wear and tear, corrosion of other maintenance-related causes.
Q. Do I have coverage if water seeped into my basement from the ground?
A. No. The standard homeowner, condominium and renter policies cover ‘sudden and accidental losses’ and do not provide coverage losses that arise from maintenance issues. We suggest you contact a contractor about water proofing your basement. However, we do offer an endorsement for additional premium that provides coverage for up to $5,000 for damage caused by water which overflows from a sump pump.
Q. Do I have coverage if a tree fell and damaged my roof?
A. Yes. Narragansett Bay covers damages to your property along with the costs of removing the tree to facilitate repairs.
Q. Is my property covered against natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes?
A. Yes. Narragansett Bay covers your property against natural disasters. The exceptions are earthquakes and floods, both of which are not covered in the standard homeowner, condominium and renters policies. You may purchase earthquake coverage as part of the homeowner, condominium or renter policy, and you can purchase a separate flood policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. Please contact your independent agent to discuss flood and earthquake coverage.
Q. What should I do if my home is damaged by water?
  • Turn off the water either at the site or at the main shut off.
  • Call Narragansett Bay 800-343-3375 (option 2, 1) as soon as possible. We will assist in mitigating further damage.
  • In the interim you can:
    • Remove as much of the water as you can by mopping, blotting or using a wet/dry vacuum.
    • Wipe down any wood furniture that is wet.
    • Remove furniture from wet areas, if possible.
    • Remove all items such as rugs and furnishings from the wet areas.
    • Open cabinet doors and drawers to reduce drying time.
Q. Are my house and personal property covered for vandalism?
A. Yes. You have coverage for damage to your house and personal property up to your policy limits provided your house has not been vacant for more than 60 consecutive days immediately before the damage.
Q. Do I have coverage if I lose a piece of jewelry?
A. The standard homeowner, condominium and renter policies do not cover your personal property for losses due to “mysterious disappearance.” You may purchase this coverage by “scheduling” your valuable items with us. Please contact your independent agent to discuss scheduling your valuables.
This material is descriptive only. The precise coverage offered is subject to the terms and conditions of the policies issued.

The Customer Service Agent was so patient and understanding and stayed on the phone with me until my concerns were fully resolved.